REPP completely unveils Arimivar, its transparent anti-estrogen formula

Jan 04, 2017
REPP completely unveils Arimivar, its transparent anti-estrogen formula

REPP Sports has already managed to make quite a bit of noise, despite not even being available anywhere yet. We recently reviewed its incredibly powerful, stimulant driven pre-workout Reactr, as well as unveiled its second of five upcoming products, the fat burner Raze. To keep REPP’s momentum going, this week we have another introduction for you with the complete unveiling of its estrogen blocker Arimivar.

Unlike the only other REPP supplement we’ve seen a label for — the pre-workout Reactr — Arimivar isn’t a proprietary formula. It actually lists the doses for each of its ingredients, although its list of ingredients is fairly short with a total of three. The features making up Arimivar are 400mg of n-acetyl cysteine, 50mg of arimistane (androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione), and 5mg of black pepper extract.



REPP’s Arimivar combination promises a handful of common anti-estrogen effects including muscle hardening and support for building lean muscle. Arimivar is due to be released alongside the rest of the brand’s new products sometime soon and will be available in the one 90 capsule bottle size, giving you 45 servings which will last you a month and a half.


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