REPP confirms 4 flavors for its DMHA pre-workout Reactr

Dec 09, 2016
REPP confirms 4 flavors for its DMHA pre-workout Reactr

You may remember back in October we lightly introduced REPP Sports, a new supplement company that is due to launch in the new year with five different products. We were actually able to name and preview one of those products with the pre-workout REPP Reactr. With the brand’s launch now just a few weeks away, we’ve got a bit more information on the previewed pre-workout.

The new details REPP has passed on for its pre-workout are the flavors it’s going to be available in for release and one of its very important ingredients. The supplement’s menu is in fact going to be quite different, or at least that’s how the four names on it sound. The flavors confirmed for REPP Reactr are the blue raspberry recipe Blue Magic, the obviously named Zap Berry and Dragon Fruit, and lastly the most unique sounding one of the four, Rainbow Burst.

As for the one ingredient the brand has confirmed for REPP Reactr, the product is apparently going to feature the stimulant of the year, DMHA. The rest of Reactr’s formula is actually going to be revealed next week, as REPP is planning on dropping its label then. We don’t yet know the exact day it’ll be dropped, but shortly after that we are also hoping to have a review posted for Reactr in time for the brand’s big launch.


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