REPP reveals the label for its DMHA pre-workout Reactr

Dec 13, 2016
REPP reveals the label for its DMHA pre-workout Reactr

Last week when we confirmed that the upcoming REPP Sports Reactr would feature this year’s big stimulant with DMHA, and named the four flavors it’s going to be launched in. We did say that the label for the pre-workout was going to be revealed this week. Today we have that label for you, which is not just a look at the ingredients in Reactr, but also a look at the first label REPP has released.

As previously mentioned REPP Reactr has been designed as an all-around pre-workout experience. It promises to deliver more than just a kick, promoting increased energy, focus, and muscle pumps. Looking at the label behind the supplement it seems that the brand has thrown in a blend for each of those effects, as well as given the blends fairly entertaining titles.


At the top of REPP Reactr’s facts panel is its 4g pump blend, called “Free Tickets To The Gun Show”. The brand has kept it pretty simple in this one with four ingredients in beta-alanine, betaine, taurine, and citrulline malate. It is also worth including that Reactr has a maximum of two scoops per workout, so at its limit that 4g pump blend weighs double at 8g.

The next blend on REPP Reactr’s list is for focus and goes by the name “Wait For It… Tunnelvision”. This one tips the scales at 555mg or 1.11g in two scoops, and packs acetyl l-tyrosine, choline bitartrate, mucuna pruriens, and huperzine A. Last but not least is the product’s energy complex, also called “Have You Ever Chewed On A Powerline?” This one is of course where all the stimulants are with a 322mg or 644mg maximum blend of caffeine, DMHA, caffeine citrate, citrus aurantium, hordenine, black pepper, and yohimbine.


As far as we know REPP Sports is still planning on launching its line at the beginning of next year, which is now only two and a half weeks away. The pre-workout REPP Reactr is of course going to be a part of that launch, as well as the brand’s other less detailed supplements, the fat burner, PCT, mood enhancer, and anti-estrogen formula.


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