REPP Sports unveils its 2nd of 5 upcoming supplements

Dec 16, 2016
REPP Sports unveils its 2nd of 5 upcoming supplements

REPP Sports has unveiled its second of five supplements it plans on launching in the new year, the first being the DMHA pre-workout Reactr which had its label unveiled just a few days ago. The product in the spotlight today is the new brand’s upcoming weight loss competitor, REPP Raze.

As well as finally getting a name for the fat burning supplement, our first look at REPP Raze does give us a few other details. The list includes confirmation of a single capsule serving suggesting the product is going to pack a good amount of stimulants, and that it’ll feature various weight loss effects with increased thermogenesis, metabolism, energy, and focus.

Up next we’ll probably have the label for REPP Raze, and then it’ll be onto the launch of the brand’s line which is due to take place on January 1st. For those that haven’t been following REPP’s story, it plans on starting 2017 with a total of five supplements. Reactr and Raze are the only two unveiled so far, with the other three being a PCT, mood enhancer, and anti-estrogen formula. 


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