Just in time for Halloween! RAZE Energy's VOODOO Now Available!

Sep 23, 2019
Just in time for Halloween! RAZE Energy's VOODOO Now Available!

Industry’s first crowdsourced energy drink VOODOO from REPP Sports is Now Available for orders! The brand called on the help of its fans to help pick the name of the Halloween-themed flavor as well as its look! The product is a Limited Edition release and available in cases of 12.

We managed to get our hands on one of the first few cans of the great-looking RAZE Energy flavor to find out what it tastes like. The actual flavor of the product has been a mystery since it was first previewed. While REPP Sports did get fans to help name Voodoo, at no point has it said anything about its taste.

The Voodoo RAZE Energy is, in fact, is being vouched as one of the favorite RAZE Energy drink options to date!

These awesome colorful cans contain an explosion of awesome flavor with NO sugar, they certainly pack QUITE the punch too! Don't expect to be able to sit still folks!!

Made with added electrolytes and BCAA's, delivering energy from the caffeine, muscular hydration from the electrolytes and rapid recovery from the BCAA's!! All working in synergy to deliver MAXIMUM endurance...meaning you can give your workout EVERYTHING and more!! With no post-workout crashes, Raze is going to keep the fire alight folks!!

Canned, carbonated, locked 'n loaded! Raze ya game folks! Get a can of this stuff in your life!!

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