Slim Shakey Pack

Slim Shakey Pack

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Whey+™ features a unique 3 protein blend that provides a balance of instant nutrition to feed sore muscles, while also providing slower digesting protein for sustained nourishment and a more diverse peptide profile. Whey+™ delivers a protein perfect for any situation. REPP Sports™ claims exclusive rights to all gains made.

🔥Gourmet Flavor

🔥3 Protein Blend

🔥Fast and Slow Digestive Blend

⚡ One of the strongest non-ephedra fat burning compounds in the world. It also boosts libido, making it the sexiest fat burner on Earth.†

⚡ Target Stubborn Fat Cells†

⚡ Immediate Metabolism Accelerant†

⚡ Sustained No Crash Energy†

⚡ Ultra Mental Focus & Clarity†